「Showa 34」

Our inn, which used to be a house of a lumber dealer, was converted to an inn when Miboro Dam was being built in Showa 27 of the Japanese calendar (1952 in the Western calendar). It has been a family run Japanese inn for generations since.

Miboro Dam and the Village at the bottom of the lake

「Showa 34」At that time, Japan’s economy was moving towards revitalization, and the power supply was indispensable for further economic development. In addition, the demand and supply of electric power was remarkably disproportional due to the absolute shortage of power generation facilities, and the demand for electricity in the private sector was plagued by frequent blackouts due to chronic electricity shortages. The steady supply of electricity became an urgent issue both in the development of Japan’s economy and in maintaining security, and the immediate power development was also a national policy. The area where the Miboro Dam was proposed to be built laid on top of both Shirakawa Village and Shokawa Village of Ono Gun.In Hida Country, harvest of rice was hardly expected and residents who were living in the area that was going to be under the water were furiously opposing the construction plan because of this region was precious granary area and residents are making money transporting woods.With this dam construction, 174 households / 230 houses were going to be under the water and approximately1,200 people were forced to relocate.Soji Fujii, the Vice President of Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd visited the site,presenting “Memorandum of Happiness” to the residents, which shows how they would negotiate and what would be compensated 「渇水期の御母衣ダム 昔の貯木場の跡 林業が盛んだったことを偲ばせます」“When you are in need of eviction due to the construction of Miboro Dam, we will establish the policy which is responsible for your happiness and wealth better than it is now, we promise to do this. ” This was how Miboro Dam which was said to be the largest rock-filed dam in the East was completed, and we started our family business with the relocated house. From Wikipedia

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