Time passes by very slowly at Miboro Ryokan with some crisp air, fresh natural water, beautiful scenery, and the village cuisine. Please enjoy the culture developed in the village and nature blessings.

8 Japanese Tatami guest rooms Parking space is available for a capacity of 20 cars / There are some spaces for bikes separately.

Since 1952, we have been running an inn here.

Along National Route 156, our big sign is the mark.
There is a plenty space for parking (a capacity of 20 cars).
There is a bus stop “Maki” is right in front of our building.
There are some spaces for parking bikes.
Welcome, this is our entrance.
Snow is cleared away everyday on the Route 156 when it snows.

Japanese style guest rooms (8 rooms)

TSURU Suite (“tsuru” = Craine / 8-tatami mat sized room + 12.5 tatami mat sized room)
KIRI Suite (“kiri” = paulownia / 9.5-tatami mat sized room)
UME Suite (“ume” = plum / 9-tatami mat sized non-smoking room)
Kotatsu, a Japanese table with a built-in heater wii be equipped in the guest rooms during wither.
The view from KAME Suite (“kame” = turtle) with the beautiful maple trees.
The view from MATSU Suite (“Matsu” = pine) with the bank of Miboro Dam.

Equipment in the house

“Green cafe” on the porch. Enjoy coffee.
Hearth room. Feel free to spend your time drinking tea.
Miboro is non-smoking.When smoking, please use the smoking room.
Outside smoking area
There are 3 baths.
Ao no Yu
Midori no yu
Oku no yu

private property

It feels cool and pleasant in the Japanese cypress forest even in summer.
Path with edible wild plants and grass
Yellow iris and water lily bloom in June.
Hammock in the backyard.
Swing in the backyard.
Sometimes, we have visitors! (Antelope)
Natural, chilled water from the mountains.
Clear River behind the backyard.
We hope you will enjoy the singing of birds in the morning, the sounds of insects in the evening, and the sky filled with beautiful stars during your stay.
Visitors will be welcomed by colorful mountain scenery throughout the year.
Sometimes, autumn leaves and snow can be seen together which is beautiful.
Huge ”Kamakura” (Japanese Igloo) will appear in the parking lot.
Please visit us when everything is in white.
The pond in the courtyard is fully covered by snow in the late January.

Please note for the followings.

・Restrooms and the washrooms are shared. We have both Japanese and Western style restrooms.

※ The bath is indoor bath and it can be used privately after 9:00 pm

・Two in one shampoo, body shampoo, soap, and blow dryer are equipped in the bathroom.

・Amenities: Bath towels, hand towels, yukata, tooth brush, hair comb, and shaver

・Each room has air conditioner.
※ Oil heater and kotatsu, Japanese table with a built-in heater will be provided during winter.

・Safe, refrigerator, electric kettle are not provided in the guest room.
Please ask our staff for anything needs to be refrigerated.

・Due to our location being close to the mountains, insects could be found in our building.
We appreciate your understanding for the sound insulation work has not been done throughly because of the building being very old Japanese style house.

・Smoking is basically prohibited in the hotel, but we have smoking area
Please let us know.

・It starts snowing heavily from the end go December. 1 meter of snow could be expected.
We highly recommend snow tires and chains for our guests who visit us by car.

At our inn, we may ask you to disinfect with alcohol and wear a mask to prevent the spread of the new corona infection.

RyouriYado Miboro:126-3 Maki Shirakawa-Mura Oono-Gun 501-5505 GIFU 
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