Snow starts melting in April; the season of cherry blossoms and fresh green


Cool mountain breeze and pure bubbling; the season of beautiful light that comes through the leaves


Dobroku (Unrefined Sake) Festival; Autumn leaves in October, harvest season


First snow in November; Everything is covered with snow, illumination and winter fireworks

I hope you will enjoy staying with us at all seasons.


Facilities Shirakawago MIboro-ryokan

Time passes by very slowly at RyoriYado Miboro with some crisp air, fresh natural water, beautiful scenery, and the village cuisine.8 Japanese Tatami guest rooms.
Please enjoy the culture developed in the village and nature blessings.

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Cuisine Miboro-ryokan shirakawago
We, RyoriYado Miboro offer home made meal cooked from scratch with the harvest form the mountains, seasonal ingredients, and local products.Speciality from Hida area, “Hooba Miso” (miso=fermented soybean paste) served for breakfast. It is slightly sweet.
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RyoriYado Miboro is a Japanese inn offering traditional Japanese multiple course meal. We hope you will have a great time with us enjoying mountain vegetables and freshwater fish.We would be happy to accommodate for your requests for family trips, reunions, company retreat, and banquets.
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It is an introduction of access to RyoriYado Miboro. When you use a train and bus, you can get on and off to Shirakawa-go at the bus stop in front of the ryokan. If you are travelling by car or motorbike, there is a large parking and parking space.
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Activities We will guide you to the surrounding attractions such as the Miboro Dam of the largest Rockhill dam in Asia, the White Mountain and the Great Shirakawa orchard, etc., including "World Cultural Heritage Shirakawa-Go" Country designated Important Cultural Property The old Toyama House Folk Museum is a 5-minute walk from the Ryokan.
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History At that time Japan economy was on the way to revitalization, and power supply was indispensable for further economic development. In Showa 27, the Miboro Dam, which was said to be the lock-fill dam of Asia, was completed, and the Miboro Inn was started in the house which was relocated.
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RyouriYado Miboro:126-3 Maki Shirakawa-Mura Oono-Gun 501-5505 GIFU 
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