RyoriYado Miboro
126-3 Maki Shirakawa-Mura Oono-Gun
501-5505 GIFU
Phone: 05769-5-2010

By car:

We are located along the National Route 156, at the bottom of Miboro Dam Bank.
Approximately 20 minutes away from Shirakawa-go Interchange heading to Takayama and Nagoya.

※Snow tires or snow chains will be a must during winter (from the end of November to the middle of April).ven with snow tires, as for the vehicles lower in height, it might be difficult to run.Please contact us in advance for snow condition and traffic restrictions.

By bus:

Please get off at the very last stop, “Maki”.

■From Takayama Station to Miboro Ryokan (about 70 mins) by Nochi Bus (Nochi Bus website)
■From Nagoya Station to Shirakawa-go (about 3 hours) by Gifu Bus (Gifu Bus website)
■From Kanazawa Station to Shirakawa-go (about 1.5 hour) By Hokuriku Railway (Hokuriku Railway website)
■From Takaoka Station to Shirakawa-go (about 3 hours) By Kaetsuno Railway (Kaetsuno Railway website)

※There are only a few direct bus to the last stop “Maki”, changing buses might be necessary at Shirakawa-go. Pick-ups and drop-offs can be arranged when transit is not available.

RyouriYado Miboro:126-3 Maki Shirakawa-Mura Oono-Gun 501-5505 GIFU 
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