Miboro Ryokan is a Japanese inn offering traditional Japanese multiple course meal.
We hope you will have a great time with us enjoying mountain vegetables and freshwater fish.


< Standard Plan >

The standard plan is overnight with two meals.
The above is an example of the dinner for the standard plan,

a traditional Japanese multiple course meal, includes mountain vegetables, freshwater fish, and Hida Beef.
Speciality from Hida area, “Hooba Miso” (miso=fermented soybean paste) is served for breakfast.
Please enjoy the seasonal dish.

Adults: 11,880 JPY、Children: 9,504 JPY

※ Pre-schoolers: 1,620 JPY for Futon (bedding), there is no charge when meal and futon are not required.
※ Amenities: Bath towels, face towels, yukata, tooth brush, hair comb, and shaver


Standard plan + Hida Beef cooked on tiles

☆ Standard plan plus Hida Beef cooked on tiles

Standard plan + Hida Beef cooked on tiles
Adults: 14,040 JPY
Children: 11,664 JPY

☆ Standard plan plus Hida Beef Shabu-shabu
(Shabu-shabu is a Japanese hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water)

Standard plan plus Hida Beef Shabu-shabu
Adults: 16,200 JPY
Children: 13,824 JPY

☆Kids meal plus breakfast

☆Kids meal plus breakfast
2,700 JPY
※ The fee will be 8,100 JPY for children who have kids meal substitute of regular meal. (instead of 11,664 JPY)

 ☆Lunch box

☆Lunch box

540 JPY
For our guests who plan to hike.

※ Salted grilled freshwater (Sweet-fish / Iwana Fish) can be prepared.
Please ask our staff for the details.
※We would be happy to accommodate for your requests for family trips, reunions, company retreat, and banquets.

< Infomation >

※ Check in: 3:00 PM- Please contact us in advance when your arrival passes 6:00 PM.
※ Check out: 10:00 AM
※ 540 JPY will be charged individually as an air-conditioning fee during winter.
(From the end of November to the beginning of April)
※ Our inn can be reserved from 10 guests (up to 20 guests).
※ 100 JPY coupon is available at the reception for “Shiramizu no yu” (Day trip hot spring).
※ 100% of cancellation fee will be charged for same day cancellation.
50% for cancellation fee will be charged for the day before cancellation.
※ All prices are tax included.

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