World Cultural Heritage “Shirakawa-go Gassho Style Village (about 20 minutes drive from RyoriYado Miboro)

Miboro Dam Side Park (about 2 minutes by car from RyoriYado Miboro.)
J-POWER/Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd. Website

National Important Cultural Property, Old Tohyama Family Ethnic Museum (about 2 mins form RyoriYado Miboro) Admission Fee: 300 JPY
Shirakawa-go Tourism Association Website

The starting point of sacred mountain, Mt. Hakusan (about 40 mins drive from MIboro Ryokan)
Hakusan National Park / Ministry of the Environment Website

「Shokawa Cherry Trees」  (about 15 mins drive from RyoriYado Miboro)
 Shokagawa Town Machizukuri Council Website

「Amos Prefectural National Park」  (about 40 mins drive)
 Amos Prefectural National Park Website

「Hakusan Sirakawa-go White road」  Open from the middle of June to the middle of November, connecting Ishikawa Prefecture and Gifu Prefecture. Autumn leaves in October is beautiful.
 Hakusan Sirakawa-go White road Website

「Gokayama」 It is quaint to see Gassho Style Village, “Suganuma” and “Ainokura”
 Gokayama Gassho Village Website

「Hidatakayama」  It is called Little Kyoto in Hida, and there is an old town scenery such as Kaminosanmachi.
 Takayama City Tourism Information Website

「Kanazawa」  It has a lot to offer, such as Kanazawa Castle, castle town, art crafts and tasty seafood from the sea of Japan.
 Kanazawa City Tourism Association Website

「Gujo Hachiman」  Castle town by the river. Bon Dance Festival lasts all night long and welcomes anyone.
 Gujo Hachiman Website

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